Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ok, since now I have absolutely NO excuses anymore :)

I promise I am going to try to get this blog up to date. It seems very daunting since the last time I really blogged with pictures (minus the truck post) would have been almost 2 years ago (cry). But now both of my kids are in school and I am not in school this semester so I should have time :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday, February 15, 2010

Several sad things in my life :(

The first one being that I had to get rid of my little Holly. I developed a strange rash, I thought, no big will go away. Well, no it didn't. After about 3 weeks of it, I started to swell up. I mean I had lips the size of Angelina Jolie. So off to the urgent care. The lady there was so fun. She was like you are having a possible allergic reaction (that is what I put on the form)? I was like, my lips aren't suppose to look like this. She said, you haven't had them injected? I was like no. Anyways, long story short. The doctor and I decided that it was probably because of Holly. Because nothing else has changed in my life (ie like changed soap, food, shampoo, etc). So to get Holly out of the house, deep clean it, and take some heavy duty medication to get my body under control. It all worked. So sadly I had to say goodbye to my puppy. The kicker is that we finally decided that no matter what happens we were going to keep her (never realized how tough having a puppy would be) so we bought a insurance plan for her. We decided this on a Tuesday and I got the swollen lips on the following Friday. Sigh! But at least she is with a good family that loves her and has another dog to play with. I will miss you Holly!
The other bad thing that happened was that I locked my kids in my brother's brand new vehicle along with the keys inside. WOW! What a feeling. My brother Chris was visiting us after Christmas and so I had the kids car seats in his car, so that we could go for a ride with him. And I just never took them out. So when I had a graduation party to go to (one of the Laurels in my YW graduated from High School early) I asked him if I could just take his car. As I was pulling out, I thought I should have grabbed my keys to get back into the house. Nah, Shawn and Chris are still home. I'll just knock when I get home. Anyways have fun at the party. Get back out to the car and get the kids in. Then I get in and try to start the car. Nothing. I couldn't figure it out. I twisted the steering wheel, everything that I could think of and still nothing. Called Chris, he couldn't figure it out either. So I get out of the car, lock it (to see if it wasn't working because I used the key instead of the automatic unlock on the key). It won't open now. Then I realize that my keys had been in my purse the whole time and when I got the kids in the car I put Chris' keys in my purse. Then when I went to get the keys out I had grabbed mine instead, that is why it hadn't worked to start it. In my defense the keys for both of our vehicles are identical. So after many tears and freaking out from both me and the kids. Chloe even tried to open the door with her toes because she couldn't reach with her hands. Both kids were already buckled in. I sucked up my pride and went back inside to the party to ask if anyone knew how to open a locked car. The next question people would ask is how old is the vehicle (I guess old cars are easier to break into). Yeah, awesome, we had just put the new plates on it earlier that day :(. So one of the guys there called the fire department to come and help us, since the fire station was just a bit up the road. So here they come in the big engine and luckly opened the door for me. What lifesavers! Oh yeah and it was freezing outside, my coat was in the car as well. So the next day me and the kids brought the firefighters cookies and hot chocolate since they wouldn't take any payment from me. Also when I was in the store buying the cookies, Chris saw where the door lock was for the back seat. Yeah, it was next to Chloe's shoulder. He asked her to open it and she could. Sigh! It was dark outside and couldn't see in. I am just very grateful for the firefighters and my friends who were at the party that helped me. You guys are the best!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So there, I am finally caught up with blogging. Are you happy now Rebecca, hehe. Just kidding. It needed to be done. Here are some random pictures from the Christmas break. Hope all is well whereever you are.

Christmas 2009

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Shawn's Birthday

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